What To Do If You Encounter A Wendigo?

What happens when you see a Wendigo?

Possession by a wendigo is thought to cause drastic physical changes to the host’s body, including change in skull and skeletal structure, growth of antlers, claws, and fur, as well either intense emaciation of the body or in some cases significant increase in body mass..

How do you kill Wendigo?

According to some legends, windigos can be killed with a conventional weapon, such as a club or firearm. Other legends claim that the windigo has to be somehow subdued, its icy heart cut out and then melted in a roaring fire.

Can you cure a Wendigo?

First Nations people believed that the only cure for a Windigo was death. Even when a person appeared normal, if he or she was suspected of being a Windigo they were at the very least ostracized by their fellow tribe members and more often killed.

What is Wendigo Psychosis?

Abstract. Introduction: Wendigo psychosis is considered an endemic psychiatric disorder associated with culture. It manifests through compulsive, strong attacks of cannibalistic behaviors. It mainly concerns Algonquian: Cree tribes and people living in the Northern Ojibwa area.

What are Wendigos afraid of?

The creature lends its name to the controversial modern medical term Wendigo psychosis, described by psychiatrists as a culture-bound syndrome with symptoms such as an intense craving for human flesh and fear of becoming a cannibal.

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