Вопрос: What Is The Best Starter Pokemon In HeartGold?

Why totodile is the best starter?

Totodile Totodile is probably the best choices to start with in Pokemon HG/SS.

Totodile’s best stats are attack and defense, followed by average HP and special defense.

Because it’s a water type it has less weaknesses..

What starters can you get in HeartGold?

StartersYou can get one of the Johto starter Pokémon from Professor Elm at the beginning of the game.You can get one of the Kanto starter Pokémon from Professor Oak after beating Red.You can get one of the Hoenn starter Pokémon from Steven after beating Red.Sinnoh starter Pokémon cannot be obtained without trading.

What is the best starter pokemon?

Here are the six best starter Pokemon of all time:Charmander. Bulbapedia. National Number: 004. … Squirtle. Pokemon Database. National Number: 007. … Treecko. Pokemon Database. National Number: 252. … Piplup. Bulbapedia. National Number: 393. … Chimchar. Bulbapedia. National Number: 390. … Sobble. Pokemon Database. National Number: 816.

Can you get Charmander in HeartGold?

get a kanto starter pokemon His best is a level 88 Pikachu, so be prepared for a tough battle. You NEED to BEAT him. after that, go to professor Oaks lab. he will offer you a Charmander, Squirtle, or a Bulbasuar.

Who is the strongest Johto starter?

typhlosionThe best starter in johto is typhlosion, not only in johto but might be the best starter ever.

What level should I evolve totodile?

Only level up your Pokemon when you start to struggle and battles are getting tougher. Evolving your Totodile into Croconaw at Level 25 is waaay more valuable in the long-run than evolving him at Level 20.

Is Scorbunny or Grookey better?

Scorbunny will remain a fire-type, Sobble will remain a water-type, and Grookey will remain a grass-type. That being said, they still all learn a variety of moves from all different types. No matter which starter you pick, there won’t be much a difference in difficulty.

What is the weakest starter pokemon?

Tepig/Pignite/Emboar The weakest fire starter by a wide margin, Tepig has a lot working against it.

Which Pokemon is better chikorita cyndaquil or totodile?

Totodile is great, probably the best of the starters. It was excellant typing and stats. Cyndaquil is more useful, as it is one of the better Fire-types you’ll find in SS/HG.

Can you get all 3 Kanto starters in SoulSilver?

You are able to choose ONLY ONE starter Pokémon from Professor Oak per game, much like you can only get one Johto starter per game. … After defeating Red, talk to Professor Oak to choose a Kanto starter. You can also get a Hoenn starter by speaking to Steven after defeating Red.

Is HeartGold or SoulSilver better?

Point two: Ho-Oh has a better story. … And Ho-Oh, and thus HeartGold, has a better story than Lugia and SoulSilver, in my (kind of biased) opinion, even if they do overlap.

Which Gen 2 starter is the best?

In Gen 2, technically Typhlosion is probably the best because it’s the fastest one, evolves earlier in its middle stage (Level 14, meaning you get a power boost slightly earlier) and learns pretty good coverage that will hel you through most of the Gyms (Earthquake and Thunderpunch are fantastic Moves for it).

What is the best team for Pokemon HeartGold?

Originally Answered: What is the best team for Pokemon Heart Gold? Arcanine – if you choose a starter not named Cyndaquil, capturing a Growlithe and evolving it to an Arcanine (using a Fire Stone) is the next best option. Gyarados – this Pokemon is an absolute beast.

Why is HeartGold so expensive?

Pokémon games already have moderately high replay value and don’t drop in price despite being preowned, so this is double with HS/SS, and thus the high price, especially if it’s in mint condition and still has the poke walker included.

Why is Meganium so bad?

Meganium can take a beating and survive. Combo that with Poison Powder and Synthesis and you have yourself a stalling wallling combination that can power through opponents much higher level than you. Clair and the gym trainers made use of the Horsea line a lot, so not totally bum useless. This.

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